Whose Good Day Is It?

"However, do not rejoice that the spirits submit to you, but rejoice that your names are written in heaven."  Luke 10:20

Have you ever had a good day?  I mean a really good day?

They are the days when you have trouble going to sleep at night because you can't wind down.  They are the days that you just can't stop talking, and you have an energy that seems to be indiffusable.  They are funny days aren't they?  They really do have the capacity to make us feel like we are sitting on top of the world with a cool breeze blowing us along.  I love those days, don't you?

I just had one of those days and I am trying to process it a little.  Within a twenty-four hour period, there has been some cool stuff happen:

- My dissertation proposal was accepted with very few changes

- Friends of mine just had a healthy baby girl

- I have been invited to speak at an envisioning event in Cuba for hundreds of pastors to talk about The Mission we are all on

- I have been invited to speak at a conference (well, lead a workshop really) that is being hosted by one of the more recognizable pastors in the country (won't name drop though)

- I had a conversation with a friend about an incredible, growing vision for a potential church plant in another state that looks doable

- I saw a new friend that has just accepted Christ at an event last night that he would not have normally attended (another very recognizable person - again, no silly name dropping)

That's a pretty doggone good day in my book.  Your "great day" might look alot different......in fact, I'm sure it would.  Nonetheless, good days are good days - whatever they look like.

Well, interestingly, I was reading a passage (re-reading it to be more precise) this morning about some disciples of Jesus having a great day.  Jesus had prepared them through some time spent with him to not just know what he knew, but to become what he was.  He had modeled life for them, then he brought them along to do stuff with him, and now he was actually releasing them to go do some stuff like he would do.  So, he gave them some instructions and off they went.

When they came back, they were on top of the world.  "Hey Jesus, even the demons submit to us in your name!!"  "Yeah, Jesus, I even healed this guy with a disease, how about that?"  "Jesus, I totally preached the gospel of the kingdom to all of those people today....and a bunch of them want to follow you - is that rockin' or what?!!!"  And on and on these comments went because these people were jacked up with the taste of a great day.

What's cool is that Jesus is pumped up too.  He loves it.  Just loves it.  But in His unparalleled wisdom, he makes sure that they don't forget something real important:  Don't get pumped up about what you do for God........Get pumped up about what God has done for you.

Jesus tells them, "Hey guys, don't get fired up that you can boot demons around - get fired up that I have set you free from the shackles that used to hold you and that you have a new heart that will change your today and give you the certain hope that you will be with me forever in heaven."

In other words, Don't get pumped up about what you do for God.........Get pumped up about what God has done for you.

Realistically, this means that my great day is really God's great day.  If I pause long enough, I didn't really do anything to deserve any of what I mentioned above as a contributor to "my" great day.  God really did it.  I'm affected by it for sure, but I am not the initiator of it - God is.  It's about what He is doing for me, in me, with me, through me.

So, I have changed my perspective in this new day.  I am going to get jacked up about God and what He does for me.  He believes in me.  He loves me.  He shows me mercy.  He corrects me.  He uses me.  He helps me.  He energizes me.  He amazes me.  He confounds me.  He changes me.  He forms me.

He's always having a good day.