Lockport and Haiti update

I don't often use my blog for this type of thing, but today I wanted to pass along some information about two areas that we have been asked about frequently:  Haiti and Lockport (NY).


We continue to get reports from on the ground in Haiti, and the situation is still very dire and the infastructure is still non-existent.  Our team that is in the Dominican Republic is doing well, and everyone is fine.  Some of our team (and/or friends of our team) was in Haiti and felt some of today's aftershocks, but everyone is fine.  A portion of our team has been able to get supplies to a border town that SCORE (our partner on the ground) has contact with through a hospital.  Please continue to pray for the work going on there, and check out The Chapel's Facebook page to see a video on another one of the agencies we partnered with in Haiti.  At present, through many people's graciousness, we have put nearly $40,000 into the relief effort through a variety of reputable groups and churches on the ground.  As was communicated Sunday, when we have a more formalized plan for longer term involvement, we will communicate it to you.


As announced this past Sunday, we are going to be opening another campus in Lockport in the next few months.  This campus is a by-product of our mission - to see every man, woman, and child have repeated opportunities to hear and see the gospel of Jesus Christ.  Lockport has a distinctly unchurched population, and it is our desire to help change that along with some other wonderful partner churches in that area.  Pastor Matt Eisenhower will be our campus pastor for The Chapel at Lockport, and the teaching for that worship gathering will come from the CrossPoint campus via technology (and will be the exact same thing being taught at the CrossPoint campus - at the same time).

There will be an informational meeting for all of those folks from Lockport that would be interested in participating in our new campus.  That meeting will occur DURING each worship gathering at 9am or 11am in the Andrews Chapel right off the atrium.  So, if you would like to attend one of the meetings, then plan to worship at one hour and attend the meeting at the other hour.  Pastor Matt Eisenhower will be there to talk about the vision for this campus, and Pastor Daryl Largis, our Executive Pastor, will address the group as well.

I would encourage you to go to our Chapel Facebook page and check out the announcement of this project, the introduction of Matt and his wife Becca, and some facts about this new campus location.

Continue to pray for God to demonstrate His work in Haiti, and here in Western New York.