Add What You Have

"His divine power has given us everything we need for life and godliness through our knowledge of him who called us by his own glory and goodness......For this very reason, make every effort to add to your faith..."  2 Peter 1:3,5

It doesn't sound right to tell someone that they have everything they need and then turn around and tell them they need something.  That seems to be what Peter is saying in the verse have everything you need for life and godliness, so, for this reason, add to your faith.....

So, what is it, do I have everything or not?

Well, yes, you have everything............sort of.  I mean, you have everything, but not all of everything.  Make sense?  Didn't think so.

Let's try this another way maybe.  In fact, I think I will use the words of Mark Buchanan to possibly help bring some clarity to this:

"Isn't this like saying, "You've got all the money you need.  Therefore, try as hard as you can to get rich"?  Or is it?  Maybe this is closer to common sense than first meets the eye.  Something like this:  You have all the money you need for the life you want - only, invest it wisely and spend it with care.  Don't squander it.  Don't hoard it.  Be generous.  Be frugal.  Be shrewd.  Be honest."

In other words, having all that is needed is not the same thing as accessing it and making all you can out of it.  The key in this phrase seems to be the word "for."  God has given us what we need "for" a life that more images what He has in mind for us.

Again, Buchanan: "Imagine that you were given everything you needed for a house.  The land.  The equipment to clear the land.  The plans and permits, tools and materials.  It's all there, down to the last galvanized screw and length of crown molding and strip of chimney flashing.  The full inventory of supplies is at hand.  Everything you need for a house is intact.  All that's missing is you."

There it is.  You have it all for the life you want in God.  Everything.  Nothing is missing.  But God expects you and I to show up and build the house from the materials that He has given us.  So, though you are "adding" to your life in Christ all the things Peter mentions in this passage (read it for yourself), you are actually adding what you already have.  The generous Builder of lives has supplied you with what you need.  Now you need to learn some skills in the carpentry shop of life to build what God desires. 

Good thing that Jesus knows a thing or two about carpentry, huh?